Welcome to the Canton Physical Therapy website.

Canton Physical Therapy was established in 2003 and provides a variety of services to the community.  Our staff is committed to quality care, education and providing the patient with adequate time during treatment.  Only qualified, licensed personnel work one on one with the patient during treatment and for wellness programs

Our  physical therapy services include treatment for:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Shoulder and arm pain
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Sports medicine
  • Scoliosis program
  • Orthotics “NEW”

What makes CPT your best choice for physical therapy treatment?

  • Friendly staff
  • Expedient scheduling
  • Free scheduled assessments
  • Qualified healthcare providers
  • Flexible appointment schedules
  • Wellness programs
  • One on one quality care

We provide a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation designed to target the cause of the problem not just to treat the symptoms.  Our staff is educated in biomechanical assessments and consistently monitor progress during your rehabilitation experience.  Our therapists use manual techniques and “state of the art” functional exercises to increase mobility and reduce pain.  We give individual treatment plans designed specifically for our patients and for their symptoms so that recovery is as fast as possible within healing timelines. 

We also provide a continuum of care in our wellness programs both individually and in group classes to prevent further injury and maintain well-being.

Canton Physical Therapy is successful with a team approach.  The team includes the patient, and the therapist and our scheduling staff.  Therefore, education and commitment is a vital part of our treatment to insure that our patients understand the problem and have strategies to reduce pain and correct dysfunction both during and after rehabilitation process.  The specialists at Canton Physical Therapy provide communication with other health care providers and coordinate other services as needed.

We accept all major insurance please call (860) 693-6226


  • Sports medicine evaluation
  • Sports specific training
  • Pre-season training
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Personal training

Classes which include:

    • Pilates
    • Tai Chi
    • Therapeutic ball strengthening
    • Scoliosis classes and individual treatment




Free Scoliosis Screening


Free Postural Assesment

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Orthopedic Specialist Lecture Series

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